About Us

Salik Academy is an organization dedicated to bringing you mainstream classical Islamic Education. The word Salik originates from the root word Sa La Ka, which means to proceed through, or to travel along. Hence, the word linguistically means “a Traveller”. However, just as we use the phrase “to embark on a journey” metaphorically, there is a metaphorical meaning for the word Sa La Ka. Omar Muhammad Barakat says in his explanation of Umdatus-Salik while explaining the use of the word Salik in the title of the book,

And the meaning [of the word Salik] in this context (in the title of the book) is metaphorical. It is referring to one seeking to understand the legislations of this religion with effort and focus. Consequently, reaching close to Allah, being saved from destruction, and becoming victorious by attaining what he sought.

The Academic reputation of any institute is based on the reputation of its faculty. We at Salik Academy assure that all our instructors are well qualified in the subjects they have been assigned. Salik Academy is committed to bringing you the best, from the best, and with prime excellence. Our instructors are all classically trained clerics and students of knowledge in the fields of their specialization. Many of whom have studied with scholars from around the world as well as obtained academic qualifications through a university-based system from some of the most reputable Islamic universities in the world.

For further clarification of the qualifications of our faculty please check our Academic Faculty section.