Family Fun Potluck!

Enjoy delicious homemade meals and irresistable drinks from around the world. Bring out your best dishes and share your most prized meals with others. Exchange recipes with people from different countries, meet new like-minded families, make new friends, and socialize in a productive environment.

The Talk:

Benefit from an exclusive powerful and practical reminder on Ihsan by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem. Ihsan has been prescribed by Allah in all aspects of our lives and the reward of those who practice Ihsan is very great. Learn how you can be from those who are committed to Ihsan.

The Venue:

Restu International College is a college which focuses on Islamic Studies and Islamic Arts. As a global leader in Islamic Arts, Restu International College prides itself in the accomplishments of its students and teachers. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Islamic Artwork of Restu’s students and teachers which will be on display around the campus.

The Kids:

Bring your kids along with you so they can enjoy and benefit from an exclusive educational activity offered by Salik Kids. The Salik Kids children’s activity will be offered during the talk allowing the parents to attentively focus on the reminder. All children above 5 years of age are welcome to join Salik Kid’s concurrent program. Children under 5 are welcome at the potluck but they must be monitored by the parents at all times.

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